Shirley Barton Vice President

Shirley began her career as a Medical and Rate Review Analyst with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida where she approved the rate increases for hospitals throughout the State of Florida.

In this capacity with Rate Review and Audit she identified the need for hospitals to defend their payer audits.

Founded American Medical Review (AMR) in 1985 with the goal of assisting hospitals to identify and improve revenue streams. She built a team of professionals to oversee and revenue cycle recovery services to include but not limited to managing payer denials, appeals, and defend hospitals against insurance audits. AMR initiated strategies to recover lost revenue by providing and maintaining a comprehensive recovery program focused on the accuracies of documentation, charging and billing.

Continuing through 2 mergers, she joined FIRM as one of our Vice Presidents where she continues with her passion to reduce denials, decrease and/or eliminate (by identifying the root cause of the payer audit and fixing claims upfront (through education) before initial billing.

While educating facilities on the root cause, they are successful in recovering lost revenues the payer does not identify in their audit process.

Shirley is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and received the HFMA Follmer Bronze Award. She is also an active member with the American Association of Healthcare Administration Management (AAHAM).

Shirley is a supporter and involved with Angelwood, Inc. whose primary goal is to assist families in caring for loved ones with disabilities across their lifespan.